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Will Young recalls being forced to come out 20 years ago after a tabloid threatened to expose him

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20 years after winning the first season of Pop Idol (American Idol‘s British precursor) at age 23, singer Will Young is sharing the hardships of being openly gay in ’00s Britain.In a recent interview with Metro, the singer described the experience following his reluctant coming out.“It was more just unnecessary stress.

I wanted everybody to f*** off. I thought, ‘People are dying all over the world and you want to concentrate on this? Fine.’ That’s the way I still see it.”Young hadn’t intended on coming out so soon following his win, but a threat of outing by a sleazy tabloid at the time left Young no choice but to give his own preemptive expose interview.Related: Someone threatened to stab pop star Will Young.

His response was amazing.“Homophobia was still happening to me in public,” the star explained. “It was a real patriarchal system run by straight white guys, so it was rife in the media, in the music industry.

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