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Watch: Newsmax Hosts Warn of ‘Gender Indoctrination Centers’ in Wild Rant Attacking Trans People

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The Daily Beast last year said she “is an active duty astronautical engineer in the U.S. Space Force, currently assigned to the Pentagon to lead space policy integration for the Department of the Air Force.”Stitchfeld and Johnson continued their attack, with the former claiming Fram is an “inspiration” to China and Russia who want the entire U.S.

Military to be “filled with Brees,” and the latter baselessly fear-mongering America is be defeated in battle because of transgender service members.“We’re going to lose a major war in my lifetime if we keep going down this route of making our military, making our beloved theme parks, making our schools gender indoctrination centers,” Johnson wildly claimed. “There is absolutely zero reason that teachers, pink-haired freakazoids, should be teaching our children about their sex lives.”“There certainly is absolutely no reason for it in our military.

You have to look at it like this Grant. You have to see it as indoctrination through the sword. It’s conversion therapy, but for radical gender ideology,” he claimed. “It’s a religion to these people and they convert it that’s the purpose and they take over the institutions and they wish to turn them into their churches, because they have no churches and they have no God.

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