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Utah Students Organize Queer Prom After State Passes Anti-Trans Bill

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passed ant-trans legislation.The event, which was held on Saturday, March 26, was open to pretty much any teen around the Ogden, Utah, school.Seniors at DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts have a project that must include solving a problem, reports local TV station KSL.

For her project, Jocelyn Anglesey decided to focus on creating an LGBTQ-friendly prom.“Dances have really heavy stigmas around them,” Anglesey told the station before the prom. “A lot of schools don’t even allow like same-sex couples to come in.”Held at the school’s gym, the prom sought to help bring acceptance to teens who are marginalized.“Kids need to be able to have a safe space that’s monitored by parents and a place where they know that there is informational booths that they can talk to if they need anything,” Anglesey said.The event initially was planned for last year by Bliss Van Der Venter, who was a senior then.

However, health restrictions prevented the prom from taking place.“We are all very lucky to live here, and yet a lot of people don’t get the privilege of feeling safe in their own homes, or at school,” Van Der Venter said.“I mentioned it one time to Jocelyn and she was like, ‘that is the coolest thing ever.

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