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The trailer for ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ shows Chris Hemsworth in a cheeky light

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The official trailer for the upcoming fourth Thor film, Thor: Love & Thunder, shows a character doing what so many of us have fantasized about: flicking away Chris Hemsworth’s clothes with a snap of the fingers.

It’s so hard to watch someone else live your dreams. While the nudity was blurred out, fans are now speculating that this was only for the trailer, and Thor: Love & Thunder might give us our first Marvel butt (not counting the Hulk’s CGI butt).The moment marks the glorious return for Thor’s chiseled muscles, which looks to be a big part of his arc.

As Korg’s voiceover in the trailer narrates during an exercise montage: “He went from dad bod to god bod.” Meanwhile, fans who enjoyed Thor’s cuddly, beer belly look in Avengers: Endgame are in mourning and have requested privacy during this difficult time.Director Taika Waititi weighed in on the nude scene in a conversation with “We all knew we wanted to do it from very early on,” Waititi said. “That was in the first draft of the script actually and Chris was on board as well.

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