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Get ready to fall in love with the handsome stars of gay rugby drama ‘In From The Side’

In From The Side since… well, since we first heard someone was making a gay rugby movie!From writer-director Matt Carter, the celebrated British indie is about two rugby players who fall hard for each other. The trouble is, they’re both in relationships, and the secret affair threatens to tear their lives apart—and their teams.The story was inspired by the writer-director’s own time in a South London gay rugby club.

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Players end boycott as long as they aren’t ambushed with rainbows next year
refused to play when their club introduced pride-themed jerseys may appear next season wearing them – ‘as long as they are consulted first’.The Manly Warringah Sea Eagles unveiled their rainbow-patterned shirts on Monday, saying the team wanted to show support for ‘inclusivity and diversity’. Seven players sparked fury when they boycotted a key match against the Sydney Roosters, saying they wouldn’t wear the top due to ‘religious and cultural grounds’.They have reportedly been told to stay away from the grounds in New South Wales tonight for their own ‘safety and wellbeing’.But boss Scott Penn has since suggested a year of dialogue could produce different results.The players’ major concern was not necessarily the jersey itself, but the lack of discussion, in relation to their cutural and religious beliefs, before it was revealed in public, he claimed.‘I think they were somewhat frustrated that it went as far as it did without consultation, and we respect that’, he told 9News.‘We are all about inclusiveness, so we will continue this theme.’Mr Penn has stood by his decision to introduce the jersey, saying he wants to promote inclusivity for all.Yet, the board has announced a review into why all staff and players were not aware of the Pride-themed shirt before it was released publicly.The Sea Eagles plan to wear the rainbow next year – and the boycotters are said to have indicated that they will join in next time.‘Yes.