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Shocking Video Shows Man Hitting Flight Attendant

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Shocking video posted to social media showed the moments a man punched a defenseless flight attendant in the back of the head on a flight from Mexico yesterday.The attack took place yesterday on American Airlines flight AA377 from Los Cabos, Mexico to Los Angeles International Airport in California.

According to a report from CBS News, the man was upset he had been refused access to the first class bathroom.In the video shot by a passenger, a flight attendant is standing in the aisle, blocking the man from entering the first class section of the plane.“Are you threatening men?” the flight attendant can be heard asking on the video. “Are you threatening me?”The flight attendant then appears to flinch, as if the other man had made a threatening motion.“Okay, that’s enough,” the flight attendant says, turning away from the man and walking up the aisle towards the front of the cabin.

At this point, the unnamed man raises his fist and charges the unsuspecting flight attendant. The man connects one solid punch to the back of the flight attendant’s head before backing away quickly.

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