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'Less Drag Queens, More Chuck Norris' Says Hungary's Viktor Orbán

fourth time as prime minister, has become a darling of the American far right with policies that include bans on same-sex marriage, LGBTQ+ content that is accessible to minors, and legal recognition of transgender identity. His address at CPAC, being held in Dallas this weekend, dealt with those subjects and touched indirectly on his recent remarks saying Europeans should not become “people of mixed race.”He said Hungary is devoted to supporting families and protecting “an institution of marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

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#TheSame: Hungarian media defy ban on publishing LGBT+ content for children
Hungarian MPs passed a law banning the "promotion" of homosexuality or sex reassignment to anyone aged under 18.The controversial anti-LGBT law has been criticised as discriminatory by the European Union and dozens of organisations.The Foundation for Rainbow Families NGO (Szivárványcsaládokért Alapítvány) has welcomed the move by media groups to publish their content."The campaign draws attention to the fact that while rainbow families love, care for, and worry about their children just like all Hungarian families, the state does not give them equal rights," the organisation said in a Facebook post.The #TheSame campaign was launched earlier this month by the Foundation for Rainbow Families to mark International Children’s Rights Day.Organisers say they hope the social media videos -- featuring two speaking soft toys -- will draw attention to the discrimination faced by LGBT+ families and their children."Despite having the same everyday life, children in rainbow families do not have the same rights," the NGO said in a statement."We believe that all families with young children should have equal rights, opportunities, and support."More than 200 billboards and posters -- some in newspapers and magazines -- will also be displayed as part of the effort, as the media groups involved risk sanctions Hungary's media regulator (NMHH).Those found guilty of "promoting" homosexuality to children in Hungary can face fines under the "Children Protection Act".The ruling conservative Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban says the law is aimed at fighting paedophilia.But the EU has widely condemned the Children Protection Act, saying it violates fundamental rights and limits sexual education in schools.In July, the European