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Right-Wing Extremists to Protest School Board Meeting Over Pride Flags

In response to a California school district's decision to paint Progress Pride murals on all school buildings, right-wing extremists plan to protest on Wednesday evening.All 15 of Castro Valley Unified School District's schools, plus the administration office, were painted with the progress Pride flag last week. Chaya Raichik, of Libs of TikTok on Twitter, noticed the video and inspired their followers to criticize the school."Homeschool your kids," Raichik wrote, along with a screenshot of the school murals.Gays Against Groomers has taken the lead and called for a mass protest at Wednesday evening's school board meeting.California Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell says he's outraged by right-wing attacks on Castro Valley schools and other districts across the country."It's a blatant lie to suggest that the Castro Valley School District is teaching our kids anything besides the skills they need to compete in the 21st-century economy," Swalwell tells The Advocate.

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Madison Cawthorn’s latest tweet has us wondering how this guy is even a real person
Madison Cawthorn took a break from bashing Rachel Maddow this week (more on that in a moment) to say something really stupid about voting rights on Twitter.There’s been a lot of talk about the issue lately, with President Biden giving two major speeches about it this week and the Senate set to debate both the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act sometime next week.Related: Ex-LGBTQ ally Tulsi Gabbard is having a meltdown over voting rights, which she apparently opposesBut Cawthorn, bless his heart, doesn’t seem to get what all the fuss is about. Especially when the issue of vaccine passports seems to be dividing the nation.“Please don’t tell me asking for a photo ID to vote in elections is racist while simultaneously supporting vaccine passports just to eat inside a restaurant,” the 26-year-old Nazi enthusiast tweeted.Please don't tell me asking for a photo ID to vote in elections is racist while simultaneously supporting vaccine passports just to eat inside a restaurant.— Madison Cawthorn (@CawthornforNC) January 12, 2022OK, first, voter ID laws are a vestige of the Jim Crow era that Republicans continue to use to disenfranchise low income and minority voters who might otherwise vote for Democrats.Second, vaccine passports are easily obtainable documents that anyone can get by simply walking into their local Walgreens and asking the pharmacist for a free COVID shot.(BTW, if you need help finding where to get a COVID-19 vaccine near you, click HERE.)And, third, this is a false equivalency.