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My friends broke up, and I’m being forced to pick sides. What do I do?

Hi Jake,My husband and I were good friends with another couple (I’ll call them Tom and Jerry) who we’d regularly hang out with. We’d do dinners, holidays, even took a few trips together over our 15-year (platonic) friendship. Well, Tom and Jerry recently split and things have gotten awkward. Basically, Tom cheated on Jerry and the divorce has been messy. My husband is Team Tom and wants to stay friends with him. I’m Team Jerry and don’t want to drop him, especially after he just got cheated on. But they’ve both made it clear they aren’t comfortable with either of us being friends with the other. So I feel stuck. I don’t want to have to “choose” a friend. On top of that, I don’t know how I feel about my husband siding with a cheater. I realize this all sounds very petty and immature and maybe even stupid for four guys in their early 40s, but I’m at a total loss for how to navigate this. Help!!Caught in the CrossfireDear Caught in the Crossfire,Gay men in their 40s being petty? I’ve never heard of such a thing! In all seriousness, whether you’re in your 40s or your 20s, it’s always an awkward situation when friends break up.

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I saw my friend’s dad in the shower and now I can’t stop thinking about him
Hi Jake,I spent Thanksgiving break with my friend’s family in Florida. During the trip, we spent a lot of time by the pool at the country club his family belongs to. The trip was super nice and way better than if I had stayed back at my dorm that week. But a weird thing happened…After swimming one day, we went into the locker room to shower and get dressed before dinner with his family. It was here that I happened to glance over at the wrong (or maybe right?) moment and see my friend’s dad stepping out of the shower completely naked.Now, I never would have probably thought twice about his dad. Not only is he my friend’s DAD, but he’s also straight (I assume) and probably 30 years older than me. But seeing him naked, largely endowed, and in a locker room setting, I suddenly can’t get him out of my head. The glistening wet skin, athletic body, broad chest, and salt and pepper hair have sent my locker room fantasies into overdrive. I now see him in a completely different light, and even find myself nervous around him. I feel a tremendous sense of guilt that I’m turned on by my friend’s dad because it just feels awkward and wrong. I’m supposed to go on a ski trip with his family after the new year. I really want to join them but I don’t know if I should tell my friend about my attraction or try to completely repress these feelings. What should I do?Zaddy LoverZaddy Lover,Lusting after a friend’s parent is a tale as old as time (remember the iconic Jennifer Coolidge as Stiffler’s mom?).
Chatting with a headless torso gave me quite a shock. What’s a boy to do?
Hi Jake,I’m a proud member of the headless torso club. I value my privacy and don’t share face pics unless I really feel like a hookup might happen. Recently I connected with another member of the headless torso club. He has an incredible body–toned arms, great butt, with just the right amount of hair on his chest, and he’s the perfect, um, “size.” We’ve been chatting for about a month. The other day he finally asked about trading face pics. I told him I would if he shared one first. So, he did. And that’s when I found it… it was my co-worker’s husband.I’ve seen him a few times at different social functions–mostly at company holiday parties and once at a birthday dinner for a mutual friend. He’s a super nice guy in person, but he’s never mentioned being in a relationship online, and his profile says he’s single. So that’s weird. Also, my co-worker has never said anything about being in an open relationship, although that’s not exactly water cooler conversation.So now I’m conflicted. I never sent him my face pic in response, so he has no idea it’s me. I could just ghost him. But he’s SUPER hot and the chatting has been fun. I would definitely like to hook up with him, but I don’t want to do something stupid that could lead to an awkward work situation, especially if my co-worker doesn’t know he’s being cheated on. It’s a lot to process. What should I do?Sincerely,Hot Headless TorsoDear Hot Headless Torso,As the animatronic children scream over and over in one of Disneyland’s oldest rides, “It’s a small world after all.” And boy is that true! Especially in the gay world, where friends have hooked up with friends, you could run into your boss on the dance floor at a club, or an anonymous chest can suddenly turn into your