Freddie Mercury: Last News


A proud pink playlist for the gay flamingo breakup, may they fly free

Hot goss out of the Denver Zoo is that Freddie, an old queen in his early 50s, recently left Lance (freshly 21) for a 14-year-old friend named Iommi. Iommi is a grown woman in flamingo years surely, but that doesn’t make Freddie’s cradle-robbing, messy-bisexual behavior any less messy.Tense break notwithstanding, we celebrate that we got to witness the queer romance of the ill-fated flamboyance that was Lance and Freddie.In honor of the pair’s love story, here’s a playlist of seven songs that may just help mend any broken hearts among them:With lines like “your faith in me brings me to tears” and “I’m going to have to eventually give you away,” Freddie could’ve penned this song to Lance himself.

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