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Paramore’s Hayley Williams celebrates the LGBTQ+ community in heartwarming essay

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Paramore singer Hayley Williams has championed the LGBTQ+ community and POCs in a heartwarming social media post. On 23 October, the Petals of Armor singer took to the band’s Instagram to reflect on their incredible journey and impact in the music scene.  “To grow up in this scene was not a simple thing.

To be celebrating it (and to be celebrated by it) is not a simple thing. Nothin about this life – for you, me, or anyone – is simple,” Williams wrote ahead of the band’s When We Were Young performance.  “We fell in love with this subset of post-punk and hardcore likely because nothing else moved us.

We didn’t fit in other places. To be a young girl in love with this scene was to have the hope that I might find my own way to belong. “It took years to find that belonging.

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