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Out Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe shares dark story of armed stalkers and damn

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revealed that he had stalkers who made him fear for his life after he became famous.At the age of 21, Thorpe won four medals and gained lots of international attention during the 2004 Athens Summer Games because of his much-hyped in-pool rivalry against American swimmer Michael Phelps.

Thorpe became widely known by his nickname, “the Thorepedo,” because of his underwater speed.However, Thorpe revealed that his newfound fame came with unexpected downsides, including stalkers.“I had to learn from the police how to be able to drive a car to be able to get past a stalker or someone following me, legally,” he said in a recent interview with the Australian TV program This is Your Life.

The show recounts celebrities’ lives, using interviews with close friends and families.“And I had stalkers,” Thorpe continued. “There was one with a gun.

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