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Nicolas Cage Says He Worked Hard On His Straight To Video Movies: “I Never Phoned It In.”

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“Well, ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ didn’t work, and ‘Ghost Rider’ didn’t really sell tickets. And ‘Drive Angry’, that just came and went.'”“When I was doing four movies a year, back to back to back, I still had to find something in them to be able to give it my all,” he said. “They didn’t work, all of them.

Some of them were terrific, like Mandy, but some of them didn’t work. But I never phoned it in. So if there was a misconception, it was that.

That I was just doing it and not caring. I was caring.”Fortunately, his latest role in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.has allowed him to retire his debts.

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