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#Letters4transkids Looks to Encourage Trans Youth Under Attack

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"don't say gay" bills, which seek to ban the discussion of gender identity in the classroom, while Alabama passed a law making gender-affirming care a felony.

Additionally, the governor of Texas has attempted to investigate supportive parents of trans kids for "child abuse" for allowing their child access to such care. “As a journalist, it's not my place to wade into the politics, but as a trans woman who has been fortunate enough to experience what it is like to have a supportive family and community and to benefit from opportunity and privilege, I also couldn't sit by and see kids' lives made even harder,” Fried said in an email to The Advocate.Fried eventually came up with the idea for #letters4transkids.

The concept is simple: People are asked to write, record, post, or film an inspirational message in support of trans kids and post it with the hashtag on social media so the message can be found and shared.

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