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India Willoughby slams BBC over producer 'demonising the trans community'

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India Willoughby has called out the BBC over comments one of its producers has made on social media, asking how the statements made by Keaton Stone ‘fit under BBC impartiality and values’. The 54-year-old presenter, who was revealed as Britain’s first transgender newsreader in 2016, shared several screenshots of comments Keaton made on Twitter.

She penned: ‘Hi @bbcpress @BBCTheOneShow – your producer @kerastase is calling trans people “bad guys” who “do things to women” and brainwash kids – while planning what will clearly be a hit piece demonising the trans community. ‘How does this fit under BBC impartiality and values?’Included in the screenshots were comments including: ‘Nobody hates any child.

If you don’t think there’s a fundamental major concern with children – some as young as 3 – being indoctrinated into believing they are born in the ‘wrong’ body because they like playing with the opposite sexes toys, then that is the real. ’Another screenshot showed another of Keaton’s statements, reading: ‘Perhaps you don’t quite realise it yet – but YOU are the bad guys. ‘It’s utterly abhorrent what you wish to do to women as well as compromising the safety of children. ‘Your organisation is a disgrace and far closer to the far right than what you have mistakenly convinced yourself,’ Keaton had written as a response to Northumbria Industrial Workers of the World’s comment, which said: ‘If you’re a so-called leftist with “gender critical” views, please unfollow us now. ‘You are not a leftist if you punch down.

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