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I used to be scared of dressing like a lesbian – now I couldn’t love it more

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akt, a charity dedicated to supporting young homeless LGBTQ+ people.You can donate here Recently, lesbian fashion has been declared mainstream and ‘sexy and powerful’ by publications like Harpers Bazaar and the New York Post.

I think this once would have meant something to me. Made me feel more accepted.But f**k being accepted, actually. Part of the joy of being queer is thinking outside the box, to challenge the status quo, to live outside the mainstream, to wear things other people could only dream of.Lesbian fashion is not (exclusively) Bella Hadid dressing like a private schoolboy – it is butch women in suits, it’s practical shoes with statement socks or it’s pleather skirts, fishnets and doc martens.I asked my queer followers on Instagram to tell me their thoughts on lesbian fashion and someone said ‘clothes that are both hot and practical’ – I think that’s perfect.George's Wonderfit Jeans grow with you, fitting up to three dress sizes perfectlyWaistcoats are the unexpected womenswear star of 2022 - here are the best ones to buy‘I haven’t bought new clothes for years’: Meet the women who thrive on being thriftyLove Island 2022: Where are the contestants' sunglasses from and how can you buy them?As author Daisy Jones writes in her book, All the Things She Said – on iconic, queer staple – the vest, ‘can give off horny energy, or they can give off practical energy, but fundamentally, they can give off both, which is what makes them especially dykey.’ Lesbian fashion is not a trend, it’s not even just about clothes themselves, it’s about how queer people wear them – posture and confidence and swagger and camp.You can’t declare those things fashionable because they have always existed and will always exist.Trends come.

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