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Georgia Modernizes HIV Disclosure Law

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POZ magazine.The bill, SB 164, was first introduced by Republican state senator Chuck Hufstetler in the Senate and was supported in the House by Republican representative Sharon Cooper.

According to Georgia Equality, the legislation had received “almost unanimous support” in both chambers.Georgia follows the lead of many other states that have updated their HIV-related laws to better align with modern science, particularly the U=U movement.

U=U, or “undetectable equals untransmittable,” is the globally-accepted scientific consensus that means if one is on HIV treatment and achieves an undetectable viral load, the virus has a zero chance of being transmitted to a sexual partner — even without a condom.However, Capital Beat reported that under the revised law, people living with HIV still can be charged with a felony and serve up to five years in prison if they show intent to transmit HIV and that there was  “significant risk of transmission based on current scientifically supported levels of risk transmission.” “As a person living with HIV, I’m encouraged that the legislature understands the advances in HIV science.

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