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Gay men list the gay stereotypes they feel are most accurate

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AskGayBros subreddit.Of course, nobody should be reduced to a stereotype, and we’re all a whole lot more complex than that. However, that said, the responses came pouring in.The most-liked response?

Apparently, “Walking too fast.” This prompted a few witty responses of its own, including, “Gotta make up for all that time wasted in the closet…”Even those who face physical challenges could relate.“I use a wheelchair, and this applies to me too.

I get so desperate when I have slow people in front of me and I can’t pass them,” said one user.The next relatable stereotype? “Terrible sitting posture,” said one user, earning nearly 600 upticks. “Can’t sit in chair right” also scored highly.“Half the time I’m slouched so low my tailbone is almost hanging off the edge of the chair,” agreed another commentator.One less controversial ‘stereotype’ suggestion came with, “gay guys like to have sex with other men”.

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