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Episode 1 of ‘Colosseum’ is basically a giant, unintentionally gay, Gladiator-themed circuit party

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You may have recently learned that The History Channel’s YouTube page is chock full of homoerotic content. My colleague Cameron Sheetz recently compiled a list of the channel’s gayest shows, including some featuring ridiculously hot dudes wearing basically nothing because clothes weren’t invented until Victorian times or something.

Like, a lot of it basically looks like a big gay Gladiators themed circuit party. (Which, actually, I’d be willing to bet these shows probably have about the same budget as a lot of circuit parties, but maybe that’s beside the point.)Related: We need to talk about all the super homoerotic stuff happening on The History Channel’s YouTube pageAnyway, the thirst is apparently creeping onto History’s linear channel as well.

Which brings me to the recently premiered Colosseum. According the network’s description, “The eight-part series vividly brings to life the rise and fall of the Roman Empire through the lens of one of the most exhilarating and brutal arenas in the history of humanity–the Colosseum.

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