5 things older gay men need to talk about more to survive and thrive

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It’s never fun to admit your vulnerability, perceived or otherwise, and it goes against our IG-saturated, social-media world to post about problematic life subjects.But, heck, as older gay men, the more we open up about those “closed” topics, the more we can relate, and help, one another not just surive but thrive late into a glorious old age.So here, five topics that need to be discussed more often.

Share if you dare.1. FinancesThere are times in my life when I’ve had money and times when I’ve been flat broke. (I’m a writer, dudes—it ain’t a solid paycheck.) Growing older and gay without an established, stable lifestyle is one of the hardest topics for me to discuss.

When you don’t have money, people feel free to chat about your finances in mixed company, usually referring to you in the third person.

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