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Will Murray Hill replace ScarJo? Will Kristin Chenoweth play Dolly Parton?

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Rub and Tug after there was a rousing backlash to the umpteenth cisgender actor lining up to play trans.After that, the project languished, though trans Transparent and Pose writer (and noted performer) Our Lady J was reportedly writing a pilot for a TV version two years ago, something we haven’t heard updates on since.Either way, the general feeling I kept hearing was “But they can’t do this story without a star!

ScarJo is a big name!” Of course, the business has made sure that very few trans people—-especially trans men–have been granted the opportunity for stardom, so the biz basically creates its own brick wall for the trans community and then blames the wall for the fact that they can’t be hired!But things have shifted and there happen to be two big-name trans men making waves right now.

One is Elliot Page. The other is Murray Hill, the endearing comic actor who is currently scoring on no fewer than three shows (Somebody Somewhere, Life & Beth and Welcome To Flatch).

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