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Will Las Vegas's New Pool Ban Impact Your Vacation?

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(CNN) -- For a city in the desert, water conservation must be a way of life. But amid a prolonged megadrought that has depleted water resources across the Southwest, the need to save every drop has intensified in Southern Nevada.Las Vegas knows the stakes are high, and it isn't gambling on Mother Nature to solve its water problems.Instead, the city is betting on extreme water-saving measures to keep the taps flowing.

How will that impact your next vacation and favorite pool parties? Here's what Vegas is betting will beat the drought.Bet 1: Banning mega-poolsLas Vegans are no longer allowed to build giant swimming pools or spas at single-family homes.The Southern Nevada Water Authority says there's been a proliferation of giant pools -- some larger than 3,000 square feet -- in recent years.

The new building code limits new pools to no more than 600 square feet -- a move the Las Vegas Valley Water District says will save more than 32 million gallons of water over the next decade.

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