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Why Are Conservatives Tearing Their Hair Out Over This Gay Doctor?

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In recent days the Biden administration’s monkeypox response deputy coordinator, Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, has been attacked by right-wing figures and media.

The reason? His thirst traps, his tattoos, and his sexuality.The conservative media outlet The Daily Caller specifically targeted Daskalakis and his history of being open about being gay as well as being directly involved on the front lines of health care.What’s ensued is a wave of homophobic attacks against Daskalakis.The reporter who wrote the Caller piece tweeted, “Meet Joe Biden's monkeypox czar: a ‘progressive, radical gay' doctor who performs HIV screenings in sex clubs and gives meningitis shots in drag.

Now he's in the White House.” He then tweeted several pictures pulled from Daskalakis’s personal Instagram account, writing, “Out of nearly 2,000 posts on Dr.

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