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What was the first time you saw anything gay in popular media?

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You never know where or when you’ll see LGBTQ representation in pop culture. Sometimes you find it in the pages of a comic book.

Sometimes it’s on an awards-show stage. And sometimes it’s on a trashy talk show!Reddit user u/BeneficialMidnight91 asked fellow members of the r/lgbt community to name the first time the saw “anything gay” in popular media, adding, “I ask this because I vividly remember being a 10-year-old reading Percy Jackson and being very confused … How about you guys?

Any stories to tell?”Here are other responses from that thread, starting with more from u/BeneficialMidnight91. A post shared by Random Fandom (@fandomscombine)“You see, I loved Percy Jackson and had just gotten to a section where Nico … had just been revealed to have had a crush on Percy the entire time.

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