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WATCH: The body tells the story in this provocative drama of queer desire

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Easy Tiger, a gay Belgian drama from filmmaker Karel Tuytschaever.The film tells the story of a psychologist (Mickaël Pelissier) whose “seemingly perfect” city life is upended by an unexpected moment with a client, a deaf man who awakens a desire deep within him.Their charged encounter has a ripple effect on the psychologist’s life.

Per Easy Tiger‘s official synopsis, his “inescapable desires for his male client force the [him] to look at who he does not want to be, in order to find out who he actually is.”Though the French and Englishes languages are used sparingly throughout the film, its narrative largely unfolds through International Sign Language as Tuytschaever explores physicality and the body itself as a storytelling device.

With this unique approach, Easy Tiger is a radical feature that aims to provide “as much as possible, the same experience for both hearing and non/partially-hearing viewers.”Easy Tiger has been racking up accolades in 2022 while playing the international film festival circuit, including its selection as the Best Queer Narrative at France’s Beyond The Curve fest, and the Best Narrative Feature at the 1904 Deaf Film Festival.The film just screened at Dublin, Ireland’s 30th annual GAZE International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, which has made the feature available to watch digitally via its virtual screening room, now through October 8.You can find out more about Easy Tiger‘s virtual screening opportunities here.

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