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Watch Rainbow Randy’s New ‘Gay!’ Tune Which Is Ron DeSantis’ Nightmare

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Randy Rainbow’s latest video says something newly forbidden in the state of Florida, thanks to the signing of the “don’t say gay” bill, and it’s that he’s “Gaaaay!”The musical satirist’s latest video, “Gay!”, opens with him “interviewing” Florida Gov.

Ron DeSantis. “We are back and I’m joined now by Ron DeSantis, governor of the great state of — wait which is the one that shaped like a big *beep*?” he begins.“Sir, you recently signed into law the controversial Parental Rights in Education bill which some have called the ‘don’t say gay’ bill and others have called the ‘girl, fuck that’ bill.”Then he gets in one of his patented zingers at DeSantis’ expense. “Critics say that this bigoted legislation will rob kids of a safe space to have a healthy discussion about their identities.

I mean, how would you feel if we signed a bill prohibiting everyone from talking about slimy self-interested douchebag politicians with no sex appeal who buy all their suits off the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory?”From there he launches into his song, a delightful celebration of queerness set to “Shy” by Mary Rodgers from Once Upon a Mattress.“Someone’s being an asshole.

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