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Wait until you see what these guys say are their pettiest dealbreakers

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Users in Reddit’s r/askgaybros forum let loose recently when one user asked for other gay bros’ “pettiest/most shallow dealbreaker.”Some of the responses are hilariously harsh (like using Internet Explorer “out of choice”).

Others are all too relatable and, in our book, questionably petty (like “judge-y people”).We included some of the most interesting responses below, editing the comments for readability and leaving out the body-negative ones.“Short texts/one-word answers for all messages.”“Text speech when messaging. (For example, ‘hwr u?’)”“Eating with mouth open.

Or talking with a full mouth.”“Picky eaters.”“Belief in astrology.”“Broke up with a guy because he uses Internet Explorer out of choice.”Related: What jobs are dealbreakers for a romantic connection?

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