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Understanding Ethereum's major 'Merge' upgrade

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Ethereum, the blockchain that underpins the world's second-largest crypto token ether, will soon undergo a major software upgrade that promises to slash the amount of energy needed to create new coins and carry out transactions.Here's what you need to know about the "Merge", as the shift is known.The Ethereum blockchain is due to merge with a separate blockchain, radically changing the way it processes transactions and how new ether tokens are created.The new system, known as "proof-of-stake", will slash the Ethereum blockchain's energy consumption by 99.9 per cent, developers say.

Most blockchains, including Bitcoin's, devour large amounts of energy, sparking criticism from some investors and environmentalists.The Ethereum Foundation, a prominent non-profit organisation that says it supports Ethereum, says the upgrade will pave the way for further blockchain updates that will facilitate cheaper transactions.

High costs and slow transaction times are currently two of the main issues users have with the Ethereum network.Very soon. The merge is scheduled for completion between Sep 10 and Sep 20, though the exact timing is uncertain.

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