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Uh-oh… more bad news for Herschel Walker

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Daily Beast ran an explosive story on how the anti-abortion, Senate candidate in Georgia allegedly paid for a former girlfriend to have a termintation in 2009.After that story broke, Herschel’s homosexual “don’t call me gay” son, Christian, took to Twitter to blast his father as a liar and hypocrite.Related: Christian Walker turns on dad Herschel in spectacular fashionFormer football star Herschel slammed the Daily Beast story as a “flat-out lie”.

He said the same when quizzed by Sean Hannity about the allegations.Herschel criticized the Daily Beast for using an “anonymous” source.

He told Fox News yesterday, “Everyone is anonymous, everyone is leaking, and they want you to confess or something. It shows how desperate they are right now.

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