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U.S. Congressman Introduces Bill to Censor LGBTQ+ Content in Schools

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My Child, My Choice Act, which would make elementary schools obtain parental consent for children to participate in “lessons specifically related to gender identity, sexual orientation, or transgender studies,” as the bill’s text says.Any student whose parents objected would have to be assigned to a study hall while the lesson was going on.

If there is not written consent from at least 50 percent of parents, the lesson could not be taught. Federal funds would be withheld from schools that do not cooperate.

Many states have considered legislation restricting LGBTQ-inclusive content in schools, like Florida’s now-passed “don’t say gay” law, or at least allowing parents to censor it or opt their children out of it.Last month, in announcing his intention to introduce the bill, Van Drew said it was in response to his state’s plan to require teaching about gender identity as early as second grade and its recommendation that students have access to restrooms and changing rooms consistent with their gender identity.“Instead of teaching our second graders about math, science, and reading, Governor [Phil] Murphy and the state of New Jersey are threatening the safety and security of our school children,” Van Drew said in a press release at the time. “While every child should go to school and feel accepted and comfortable, we should not be compromising the safety of our young children by allowing restrooms and changing rooms be available to any child regardless of their actual gender. … As legislators, our job is to protect our constituents and the American people; New Jersey is doing just the opposite.

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