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Transmissions: Letters of hope amid the darkness

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Over the last few weeks, anti-transgender and general anti-LGBTQ animus has reached a fever pitch. The hatred is easily as bad as it's been since orange juice pitchwoman Anita Bryant was fighting against our rights in Dade County, Florida back in 1977.It is bad enough that Florida's "Don't Say Gay" has been signed into law and several states are seeking to follow suit.

But many others are passing anti-transgender sports bills, bathroom bills, and even laws that make transgender care itself a felony.Transgender people specifically, and LGBTQ people and allies in general, are being increasingly targeted.

Anyone showing support for trans and LGBTQ people is being labeled a "groomer," and pedophilia is being wrongly linked to our rights.You are even seeing the killings of transgender people being set up as a joke, as right-wing Blaze TV host Elijah Schaffer and guest Dave Landau did recently."Yeah, we all have to put a trans kid and drag them behind a truck," Landau meanly joked with Schaffer April 14."How many trans kids did you kill today?" Schaffer then asked. "Uh — six.

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