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Trans Man Advised To Use Women's Restroom Then Beaten Up and Arrested

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transgender man who says a campground owner told him to use the women's bathroom on the site says he was beaten up by a group of men and arrested after a dispute with other guests over his presence there.Noah Ruiz, who still has female body parts but identifies as a man, had tried to use the ladies' room at the campground in Preble County, Ohio, but a woman using the bathroom became upset he was in there because he is a man.The 20-year-old told local news channel Fox 19: "I was using the bathroom, and she just started shouting.

She was like, 'Who the f*** is in here?' And I replied, 'I am.' My girlfriend replied, 'I am as well.' She was like, 'No man should be in this bathroom.

If you're a man you need to use a man's bathroom.' And I was like, 'I'm transgender. I have woman body parts, and I was told to use this bathroom.'"The report did not clarify why Ruiz was advised to use the women's bathroom, and whether he was the one who had initiated the conversation with the campground owner about the issue at Cross's Campground in Camden.Newsweek has reached out to Cross's Campground and Ruiz for further information.Ruiz said that as he walked out of the restroom on July 3 following the argument with the woman in there, three men approached and attacked him: "They, like, grabbed me up off the ground.

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