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Trans Cyclist Stripped of Medal Accuses Sport of Transphobia

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A transgender woman cyclist has been stripped of a silver medal she won in the sport’s recent national championships, with officials saying she hadn’t met the requirements for competing.Leia Genis placed second in the 3,000-meter women’s pursuit at the U.S.

Elite Track Cycling National Championships, held in July in Pennsylvania, with Bethany Matsick finishing first. The following day, she says, she was told she was losing the medal and was no longer eligible to compete in the women’s category.“6 weeks ago I was eligible for competition at UCI C1 and C2 races held at the same velodrome and overseen by the same technical director,” Genis wrote on Instagram. “Yet 6 weeks later, now that I am doing well at nationals, I am suddenly ineligible to compete.

The transphobia is so blatant it’s almost laughable.“Being a trans woman in this sport is so incredibly frustrating. Poorly communicated guidelines, restrictions and requirements that are constantly changing, lack of empathy from USA Cycling, and a peloton full of furtive whispers and sideways glances mean that even showing up to compete is an immense struggle.“I am obviously heartbroken.

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