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Trans Boy Suddenly Banned From Restrooms He's Used for Over a Year

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KCCI. “And I had no idea that that was coming, so it really caught me off guard.”Stucker told station KCAU that he was called down to the school’s office.“So after school, I went down to the office and the guidance counselors told me that if I continue to use the male restroom that I will have to speak to the principal and will be disciplined for that,” he said.Instead, school officials told him that he had to use the unisex restroom in the teacher’s lounge.The change violates the 2007 Iowa Civil Rights Act and Iowa Department of Education guidelines, according to Stucker.Stucker and his mother, Jennifer Larson, said the change was sudden and they’ve had no explanation why the change happened.“I was not aware that there was any issue prior.

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