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Tom Hiddleston: Loki Coming Out as Bisexual Was a ‘Small Step’ and ‘There’s Further to Go’

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Zack Sharf Tom Hiddleston acknowledged in a recent interview with The Guardian that Loki coming out as bisexual on the character’s eponymous Disney+ series was only “a small step” and that “there’s further to go” when it comes to representing the comic book character’s sexuality on screen.

Loki came out on the third episode of the series after telling Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino) that he’s had a romantic past with both princes and princesses.

That line of a dialogue was the extent to which “Loki” addressed the character’s bisexuality.“I was just really honored to be asked,” Hiddleston said about getting his own Disney+ series to lead. “We all wanted to retain the integrity of the character – I wanted to make sure we didn’t lose the bits that people loved, while doing something new.

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