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‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ is Marvel’s gayest movie yet—and not just because of Thor’s bare butt

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Thor: Love & Thunder about to be the gayest Marvel movie yet?According to Natalie Portman it is, and we certainly don’t want to disagree with her—have you seen her biceps lately?At a recent preview screening of the Taika Waititi-directed sequel, one fan rather bluntly asked Portman how gay the movie is, to which she simply responded, “So gay.” Over thunderous applause, Waititi gleefully chimed in: “Super gay!”Watch the moment for yourself in the TikTok below:But this is just the latest stop on a press tour that’s seen the filmmaker and his cast hyping up the Thor movie’s queer appeal.In an earlier interview, Portman—whose Jane Foster makes a return to the franchise to become The Mighty Thor—agreed with journalist Andrew Freund’s assessment that, yes, this is the gayest MCU movie ever. “I love that read of it,” the actor added.She went on to say that the queer factor—the gay characters, the rainbows, the campiness—all stems from the source material: “I mean, that is the core of the comics—it’s where it all started!”We’ve previously been introduced to canonically gay characters Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and the rock-alien Korg (voiced by Waititi), both of whom we’re told will have their queerness acknowledged in Love & Thunder.

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