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Texas Attorney General Wants To Criminalize Consensual Gay Sex Post Roe v. Wade!

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Roe v. Wade might just be the tip of the iceberg of this hellhole… As the nation grapples with the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn it on Friday, now politicians are also openly discussing the next set of rights they have their eyes set on!

Justice Clarence Thomas made it very clear last week that he thinks SCOTUS should revisit other privacy precedents now that a person’s constitutional right to an abortion has been revoked.

Specifically, he called out laws governing birth control, marriage equality, and same-sex intimacy. Now, other politicians are taking after his lead. *Sigh* Related: Olivia Rodrigo & Lily Allen Dedicate Song F**k You To The Supreme Court On Tuesday, a clip of a NewsNation interview with Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, gained a lot of traction after the politician seemed to call on the court to overturn Lawrence v.

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