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What lies beneath in ‘The Beat’ might make winners of us all

Queer storylines are becoming increasingly common in video games, but it’s still rare for games to be capital-G Gay. So if the prospect of an explicitly gay title makes you want to reach for the nearest joystick, check out this new offering from Melbourne-based Up Multimedia.The Beat: A Glam Noir Game is an investigative thriller where players take on the role of a closeted gay cop who is investigating a murder in a city’s gay scene.While tracking down clues over seven days and nights, you’ll explore places like a gay bar and a cruising area rendered with an impressive eye for detail.Related: The 10 best queer games available on the Nintendo Switch“The gay bar is this strange other world in which the main character steps,” says game developer Luke Miller. “He’s drawn to it but doesn’t fully understand why.

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