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Ryan Seacrest and stylist swapped underwear midway during American Idol final

A post shared by Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) Ryan Seacrest revealed he experienced a slight wardrobe malfunction during Sunday night’s live American Idol finale.Speaking on Monday’s Kelly and Ryan show, Seacrest, 47, explained what happened. He said his longtime stylist, Miles Siggins, alerted him that he was showing a little too much package for the family-oriented show.Signs suggested an urgent change of underwear was necessary during the live show’s commercial break.“Apparently, America voted and said there was anatomy in the shot,” quipped Seacrest to co-host Kelly Ripa.“We go to commercial and he [Siggins] says, ‘Can I tell you something? We need to change your underwear.“I said, ‘What do you mean we need to change my underwear?'”Seacrest, aghast, told his stylist he had no spare pair with him.“He says, ‘Don’t worry, I got mine,'” Seacrest said.

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