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This attempted trans takedown went viral for deifying trans people

A 2019 tweet from former Daily Caller writer Scott Greer resurfaced on Reddit recently, where users continue to thrill in the knowledge that that his apparent attempt at transphobia backfired.“God is dead and been replaced by trans people,” Greer’s ungrammatical tweet reads.A Reddit user posted a screenshot of the tweet in the r/lgbt subreddit last month, where commenters said the message “sounds metal as f*ck” and indicates a “big victory moment.” When you’re more powerful than God from lgbt “Transgender? Nah, trans-godlike,” another Twitter user wrote.“This isn’t even my final form,” someone else commented.Related: Anti-LGBTQ Senate candidate Blake Masters’ attempt to ‘own the libs’ backfires spectacularlyGreer appears to have deleted the tweet, but the Internet Archive has it saved for posterity.And the archived version of the tweet shows that Greer was reacting to news coverage of Jonah Welch’s “Trans People Are Sacred” billboard in Detroit.Greer’s tweet has been living on in the minds of Twitter users, too.'god is dead and has been replaced by trans people'is the funniest transphobic take i've ever seen, because it sounds like it's massively praising trans people as being gods and goddesses lol— CMDR Nova (@CMDR_Nova) September 28, 2019if you're worried that God is dead and has been replaced by trans people, you may begin singing our praises and asking for our blessings as soon as you are ready.— Adult Human Feline ???????? (@anarcho_gender) October 15, 2021Just saw a tweet that said “God is dead and been replaced by trans people” and honestly I don’t have too much experience as god yet but so far it’s pretty cool— Now.Im.Olivia (@EmilyLgbt2) February 13, 2021remembering when some dude on here got salty and tweeted

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Ron DeSantis just reaffirmed his status as human garbage
Florida governor Ron DeSantis put his transphobia on full display while challenging the results of last week’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) swimming championship women’s 500-yard freestyle event.Trans athlete Lia Thomas narrowly beat Florida-native Emma Weyant, but not according to DeSantis.In a proclamation that misgenders Thomas and has no bearing on the results, the governor declared Weyant, who previously won the silver medal at the 400m individual medley at the Tokyo Olympics, the “rightful winner” of the event.Related: DeSantis press secretary tweets vile take on ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill and the Internet just can’t with her“By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud,” DeSantis tweeted along with the proclamation.He continued: “In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Sarasota’s Emma Weyant as the best women’s swimmer in the 500y freestyle.”By allowing men to compete in women's sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud.In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Sarasota's Emma Weyant as the best women's swimmer in the 500y freestyle.— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) March 22, 2022DeSantis’ position that transgender athletes being allowed to compete puts “ideology ahead of opportunity for women athletes” has no scientific basis, according to experts.Many were quick to call out his transphobic comments for what they are:Ron DeSantis is a transphobic POS.
Christian Wilkins Slams Homophobic Media Coverage Of Mardi Gras Fair Day Dress
Actor, model and socialite Christian Wilkins has slammed media coverage of his dress at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day event on Sunday.Trigger Warning: This story has details of homophobic media coverage and homophobic slurs, which might be distressing to some readers. For 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14. For Australia-wide LGBTQI peer support call QLife on 1800 184 527 or webchat.Christian, son of veteran Channel Nine reporter Richard Wilkins, was dressed in a fabulous, pink halter neck mini dress for a Fair Day event at Victoria Park, Sydney. Christian Wilkins (left) calls out the Daily Telegraph’s homophobic headline (right).The experience was however marred, when on Monday Daily Telegraph’s Sydney Confidential section featured Christian’s photos with a homophobic headline.“Dude looks like a lady! Richard Wilkins’ flamboyant son Christian flaunts his VERY toned figure in a skin-tight pink mini dress with daring cut-outs”, the headline screamed. Christian, who came out as gay in public in March 2018 on the front cover of a magazine, did not mince his words when calling out the publication over its homophobic coverage.   A post shared by CHRISTIAN WILKINS (@theprincewilkins)In 2021, Christian had made his acting debut in the Stan Original series Eden, in an LGBTQI role, playing a twin named Leander. Christian has previously been a fashion correspondent for E News and starred in shows Dancing With The Stars and Filthy Rich and Homeless. In his coming out interview, Christian had said that he had “taken it upon myself to become the best damn gay I can be!”  A post shared by CHRISTIAN WILKINS (@theprincewilkins)Christian had in an interview said that he had never come