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Eurovision's craziest moments – riots, lesbian kisses and turkey called Dustin
Eurovision is back this weekend (Saturday May 14), with Italy playing host.Once dubbed by its much-missed late presenter Terry Wogan as an excuse to, "Have a good sneer at Johnny Foreigner and chuck things at the telly," there's no denying that the annual continental kitsch fest has, during the course of its 66-year history, excelled in dividing its audience.But, whether its return in 2022 presents an excuse to throw a lederhosen and Liebfraumilch party or is simply the ideal time to colour compartmentalise your sock drawer, you cant deny it's had some must-see moments over the years.From bearded ladies and gobbling glove puppets to toppling despots and drug-fuelled scandals, here are some of the craziest which have hit our screens.Eurovision entries have sparked a lot of things over the years, not least the overwhelming urge to grab your coat and head for the pub.But few will beat Portugal’s entry at the 1974 contest which actually signalled a political uprising when it was broadcast on the radio.The ballad E Depois do Adeus by singer Paulo de Carvalho acted as a prompt for the country's rebel generals to rally their troops against the authoritarian regime of the time.The coup became known as the Carnation Revolution, so called because protestors took to the streets to place flowers into the muzzles of soldiers' rifles.The lead singer of this Italian rock band, which won the contest in 2021, was suspected by some viewers of snorting cocaine during the grand finals.Damiano David appeared to have been caught on camera at one point hunched over a table and making a low sweeping motion with his head.
Pet of the week • 04-22-22
Meet Xenote. The SPCA of Texas handles a lot more than just dogs and cats. In fact, it has cared for more than 500 different species during its years of service in North Texas. The SPCA of Texas routinely handles equine and livestock, and Xenote is one of our current residents looking for a forever home. She is an 8-year-old female standard donkey mix. She is in training for catching in pasture, but she is already patient in standing for a farrier (a person who works on horseshoes). She is also good around children. The adopter experience level for this one is from beginner to intermediate. In terms of doing equine work, this donkey is available for adoption as a companion only. A potential adopter needs to have the space, facilities and enclosure to handle this kind of animal. The adoption fee for Xenote is $300. Regular adoption fees are $150 for puppies and kittens aged 0-6 months and $75 for adult dogs and cats aged 6 months or older, however the adult fee is reduced to $25 until the end of April for the “Showers of Love” event. Fee includes spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations, a heartworm test for dogs six months and older and a FIV/FeLV test for cats 4 months and older, initial flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative, a microchip, 30 days of PetHealth Insurance provided by PetHealth, a free 14-day wellness exam with VCA Animal Hospitals, a rabies tag and a free leash.