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Kathy Najimy rally cries for her gay fans and, honey, preach!

I love the gays! I first came onto the scene with ‘Kathy & Mo’, and so much of our content was about gay rights, civil rights, women’s rights—freedom and respect and liberation for all. We had a huge gay audience for ‘Kathy & Mo’, and then it just got a little bigger with the kinds of films that I was doing [laughs].

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Gay-hating Gov. Kristi Noem just got a double dose of bad news
Another setback for Kristi Noem.Last week, South Dakota’s Government Accountability Board voted to continue moving forward with its investigation into two separate ethics complaints against gay-hating Republican leader.Noem, who believes 10-year-old rape victims should be forced to have their rapist’s babies, tried to get the complaints tossed out, but the board chose instead to extend the time it has to investigate the allegations.Related: Kristi Noem in crisis mode over affair rumors, says she loves her husband, fears God, blah, blah, blahThe 50-year-old governor is accused of engaging in nepotism and abusing her power when she tried to have her daughter certified as a state real estate appraiser through the Department of Labor and Regulation in 2020 after her application was denied because she hadn’t completed the required training. She is also accused of using taxpayer money to fly state-owned airplanes to political events.All three of the board’s retired judges voted unanimously to deny Noem’s motions to dismiss the complaints then granted a 60-day extension to the investigation so they could consider the merits of the complaints.The decision comes two months after the Government Audit and Operations Committee, a GOP-controlled, 10-member panel of state lawmakers, unanimously determined Noem acted inappropriately.