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I didn’t know domestic abuse could happen in same-sex relationships – until my girlfriend got taken away by police

years. The first time was when my husband left me for my friend – and the second was when my first female partner, after I discovered my true sexuality, abused me.In 1998, my husband of 16 years sat me down and told me that he was leaving me for his secretary.As my life unravelled around me, things started to click into place. He was always out late, working or having ‘drinks with friends’ while I stayed home, unemployed, and looked after our two children – one of whom was disabled and needed around-the-clock care.My only friend was the bottle of wine my husband would buy for me before he headed out for the night. I’d never been a big drinker, but it was my only solace when I felt so alone.Still, stupidly, I never saw it coming.

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