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Police Say Man Killed Gay Lover, Burned Corpse To Hide Relationship

Philadelphia arrested a man they say killed his gay lover and left the burning corpse in a local park in an effort to hide the pair’s sexual relationship.Kylen Pratt, 20, was taken into custody Wednesday, June 15, and charged with the murder of Naasir Johnson, 20, whose charred remains were discovered just after noon on February 20 on a cobblestone trail in Fairmount Park.Police believe the two men were romantically involved and Pratt, known locally as 29th Street Rich, killed the openly gay Naasir after the man threatened to go public with their relationship, according to Metro Weekly.Johnson’s grandmother, Cynthia Johnson, told the Philadelphia Inquirer she had raised Naasir since he was a year old and that the two still lived and shared their meals together ever since. Her grandson’s murder has left her devasted, she said.“I’m in the process of trying to move because it was just him and me here, together,” she told the Inquirer. “Every time I wake up and see his picture and I start crying.

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