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Gay bros sound off on the pressure to be muscular

Despite the societal push for body positivity, gay men can still be absolutely image-obsessed, with an emphasis on the “ab.”Yes, given our fixation on bulging biceps, protuberant pecs, and thunderous thighs, who among us hasn’t felt compelled to gain some gains?Well, a few of us haven’t, it seems. On Reddit’s r/askgaybros forum, a user recently asked, “Do you feel a pressure to be muscular?” And while most commenters replied in the affirmative, a few said they didn’t—or, at least, they didn’t feel that pressure from others.Related: What is bigorexia and do you suffer from it?The gamut of comments illustrates the physical, mental, and emotional toll of being swole. Here’s a selection of responses:“Yes, and I’m failing at it.”“I’ve got muscular legs and that’s it.

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