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League of Legends unveils first Black queer hero in epic monster-slaying trailer

League of Legends has finally revealed its newest Champion, and the prideful warrior is a historic queer first for the franchise.The Shuriman hunter K’Sante is set to become the franchise’s first Black queer warrior, and the first character to be openly marketed as queer upon release.His first teaser trailer is ambiguously titled “The Hunter’s Pride”:“Pride” takes on a triple-meaning here: the obvious queer Pride, the hero’s storied hubris, and his apparent connection to a lion-like creature shown in the teaser.The hunter was officially announced to be queer on Twitter by his voice actor, DeObria Oparei, following the release of the teaser.The actor specifies that he’s “portraying the first LGBTQ black Champion Warrior”:I’m excited to give life and voice to K’Sante and make history portraying the first LGBTQ black Champion Warrior @LeagueOfLegends— DeObia Oparei (@DeObia) October 13, 2022Related: Lil Nas X is taking over the world-of League of Legends, that isK’Sante’s addition to the roster has been teased for weeks. The new champion was spotlighted by the League of Legends team last month in their collaboration with fellow Black LGBTQ+ champion, Lil Nas X.The singer was announced to be collaborating with the team on developing an exclusive Prestige skin for the upcoming hero, in addition to his releasing his “Star Walkin’” League Worlds anthem.A new animated trailer titled “Defeat Your Monster” introduces the hero locked in an epic battle with a gargantuan beast — and explains how he faced the monster inside himself.Featured in K’Sante’s backstory is the tale of how he lost his love, only addressed as “The Archer”.

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Lil Nas X is taking over the world-of League of Legends, that is
With a total of zero votes cast, pop superstar Lil Nas X has declared himself the “president” of the battle arena video game League of Legends.If you’re confused by what this means, don’t worry; “Lil Nas Xecutive” has put together a handy video documenting his rise in the corperate ladder.In this hilarious promotional video, Montero strolls into the League offices and claims his place at the top:His presidential space is complete with a gold throne, matching gold Washington and Lincoln busts, and a desk name plate reading “I AM THE BOSS”.Related: Ask and you shall receive: Lil Nas X invites fans to “a big orgy” at his concertIn reality, this partnership — sorry, presidency — will entail the singer releasing a new anthem for the game, “Starwalkin”, to be performed at the opening ceremony of the League Worlds tournament.Accompanying “Starwalkin” will be two music videos for the track, as well as a yet-to-be-revealed Prestige skin for the brand new champion “K’Sante”.“I will be the greatest President of League of Legends of all time,” the singer declares. “Also, I’m going to make the best Worlds anthem of all time, and put on the biggest, coolest, sexiest Worlds in the history of all Worlds.”In addition to his anthemic duties, Montero is having to make tough decisions as the new head of this game.One decision specifically from this new administration seems tough, but fair:as the new president of league of legends, bottoms are no longer allowed to play.— PRESIDENT NASARATI (@LilNasX) September 15, 2022Related: Multiple leaks suggest one of the world’s biggest gay icons will soon make her video game debutThis is far from the star’s first big collaboration.
Just when we didn’t think Dave Chappelle could sink any lower, this new audio leaked and… ew
Dave Chappelle is out of new material.Newly posted audio from the Netflix is a Joke Festival at the Hollywood Bowl in late April finds Chappelle clinging to the same tired, queerphobic comedy that has kept him recently relevant.Chappelle blasted Lil Nas X as a “promiscuous f*g,” called Lia Thomas a man, and compared transness to him “identifying as Chinese” before putting on a heavy stereotypical East Asian accent.The section of his stand-up focused on Lil Nas X was based around the statement, “I don’t like Lil Nas X. It’s not because he’s gay; it’s because he’s slutty.”Dave Chappelle speaks on Lil Nas X— ⚜️ LTDP FRIDAY (@lilnasxmajor) June 22, 2022 Even after speaking on Lil Nas X as one of the “promiscuous f*gs in Hollywood,” he somehow expected the crowd to believe him later on he said he respects Lil Nas X because he’s “busy being himself.”In another part of the show, Chappelle returned to his trademark transphobia, this time targeting Lia Thomas specifically (or, as he referred to her, “this trans swimming b*tch”).Watch. Or maybe don’t.Chappelle continued the tired rhetoric that Thomas is completely dominating the sport since transitioning (for reference, Thomas has won one single race in competition since transitioning).A large portion of the country, including a number of legislators, wish that trans people did not exist and plan to do their best to make it so, and Chappelle is out here laughing with those folks in front of thousands and thousands of people.He asserts each time that he launches a new attack against the trans community that he “has nothing against them,” but is clearly content with contributing to the culture that would see them eradicated.In 2006, Chappelle left his