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Gogo boys and power ballads, Andy Cohen on the train, & Shawn Mendes in public

that iconic pro-gay PSA, then catch up on the latest from Gay TikTok:Andy Cohen wore slides on the subway.Security escorted Penelopy Jean out of the stadium.RuPaul hyped the cast of A Strange Loop.Gogo boys danced to ballads.♬ original sound – CazwellShawn Mendes held someone’s phone.Samuel Sacal woke up in paradise.The NFL catered to gays.A gay football fan addressed Qatar.Pup Amp got ready for Folsom.And Morgan McMichaels interviewed a child.

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This attempted trans takedown went viral for deifying trans people
A 2019 tweet from former Daily Caller writer Scott Greer resurfaced on Reddit recently, where users continue to thrill in the knowledge that that his apparent attempt at transphobia backfired.“God is dead and been replaced by trans people,” Greer’s ungrammatical tweet reads.A Reddit user posted a screenshot of the tweet in the r/lgbt subreddit last month, where commenters said the message “sounds metal as f*ck” and indicates a “big victory moment.” When you’re more powerful than God from lgbt “Transgender? Nah, trans-godlike,” another Twitter user wrote.“This isn’t even my final form,” someone else commented.Related: Anti-LGBTQ Senate candidate Blake Masters’ attempt to ‘own the libs’ backfires spectacularlyGreer appears to have deleted the tweet, but the Internet Archive has it saved for posterity.And the archived version of the tweet shows that Greer was reacting to news coverage of Jonah Welch’s “Trans People Are Sacred” billboard in Detroit.Greer’s tweet has been living on in the minds of Twitter users, too.'god is dead and has been replaced by trans people'is the funniest transphobic take i've ever seen, because it sounds like it's massively praising trans people as being gods and goddesses lol— CMDR Nova (@CMDR_Nova) September 28, 2019if you're worried that God is dead and has been replaced by trans people, you may begin singing our praises and asking for our blessings as soon as you are ready.— Adult Human Feline ???????? (@anarcho_gender) October 15, 2021Just saw a tweet that said “God is dead and been replaced by trans people” and honestly I don’t have too much experience as god yet but so far it’s pretty cool— Now.Im.Olivia (@EmilyLgbt2) February 13, 2021remembering when some dude on here got salty and tweeted
Elon Musk once again reminds everyone why his trans daughter wants nothing to do with him
Thrice-divorced wealth hoarder Elon Musk took to Twitter over the weekend to prove, yet again, that he doesn’t understand anything about trans youth.As the father of a trans daughter, one would hope he’d have educated himself at least a bit, but clearly the “pronouns suck” thinking that pushed her away is here to stay.This latest incident started with right-wing disinformation account “American Accountability Foundation” misinterpreting a section of a Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) research day booklet.They posted this excerpt with a misleading tweet:The @MUSCkids has four year olds coming through its transgender hormone clinic.And hopes: “In the future, hopefully more patients and at younger ages will be referred to affirming providers so that medical options such as pubertal suppression”— American Accountability Foundation (@ExposingBiden) September 16, 2022Musk quickly responded to this with “Is it really true that four-year-olds are receiving hormone treatment?” For the record: Such a claim was made nowhere in the original material.Related: Elon Musk just reminded everyone why his trans daughter wants nothing to do with himBasic fact-checking and/or common sense would lead anyone to understand that no, hormones that aren’t present yet in children can’t be replaced. The richest person alive apparently does not possess such skills.Thankfully, there are plenty of folks who’ve witnessed his weird, transphobic BS long enough to call it out on the spot.Let the dunking commence:No, but now idiots will think it is.
I saw my friend’s dad in the shower and now I can’t stop thinking about him
Hi Jake,I spent Thanksgiving break with my friend’s family in Florida. During the trip, we spent a lot of time by the pool at the country club his family belongs to. The trip was super nice and way better than if I had stayed back at my dorm that week. But a weird thing happened…After swimming one day, we went into the locker room to shower and get dressed before dinner with his family. It was here that I happened to glance over at the wrong (or maybe right?) moment and see my friend’s dad stepping out of the shower completely naked.Now, I never would have probably thought twice about his dad. Not only is he my friend’s DAD, but he’s also straight (I assume) and probably 30 years older than me. But seeing him naked, largely endowed, and in a locker room setting, I suddenly can’t get him out of my head. The glistening wet skin, athletic body, broad chest, and salt and pepper hair have sent my locker room fantasies into overdrive. I now see him in a completely different light, and even find myself nervous around him. I feel a tremendous sense of guilt that I’m turned on by my friend’s dad because it just feels awkward and wrong. I’m supposed to go on a ski trip with his family after the new year. I really want to join them but I don’t know if I should tell my friend about my attraction or try to completely repress these feelings. What should I do?Zaddy LoverZaddy Lover,Lusting after a friend’s parent is a tale as old as time (remember the iconic Jennifer Coolidge as Stiffler’s mom?).