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Megyn Kelly Calls Trans Health Care a Form of “Conversion Therapy”

Former Fox News host and conservative pundit Megyn Kelly equated gender-affirming care for transgender youth to conversion therapy that attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation.Appearing on the Eric Bolling: The Balance show on Newsman this past Tuesday, Kelly commented on a Fox News profile of Ryland Whittington, a trans 14-year-old boy living in California. Fox News’ Bryan Llenas, a correspondent for the America’s Newsroom program, interviewed Whittington and his family on the experience of coming out and transitioning. The story was viewed as a largely positive one, as the Whittington family was accepting of Ryland’s transition, and his mother, Hillary, reportedly said: “I would rather have a living son than a dead daughter.”But the positive coverage of transgender topics — which conservatives have seized on as a cause to rail against — angered many of Fox News’ viewers.

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