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My stepfather ended our relationship after I came out as trans

emotional abuse.My mum’s side of the family had always been small, and we’d already lost people to age and illness when she died in 2017. I think the strangeness of still being bound to this tiny family unit, along with the grief, affected him more than he dared admit.Another stressor had been added since I’d started exploring my gender identity in 2020, trying non-binary on for size. While he hadn’t said anything about it, at least not to me, his silence gave me the feeling that he didn’t like where my self-expression was going.

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Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney’s dream role is playing first trans Bond girl
shot to stardom, almost overnight, after coming-of-age series Heartstopper landed on the streaming service just two months ago.In fact, the entire cast – which includes Kit Connor and Joe Locke – has been catapulted to fame, with the TV show achieving major success and already being renewed for two more seasons.Yasmin plays Elle Argent, a trans student who is navigating life, love, and friendships after transferring from Truham boys’ school to Higgs school for girls.Since the show aired, Yaz has landed a role in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary celebrations and confirmed that her character is also trans – but the sky is the limit for her and she wants to go full blockbuster next.The teen star told the Mirror: ‘I would love to be a trans Bond girl or just a Bond girl in general. I love James Bond.‘Every time I watch a Bond film, I think I would love to be that cool, sexy Bond girl that has never been done before.’Yasmin added that Caroline Cossey has been an inspiration to her, after watching her as an extra in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only.Caroline, now 60, is also trans, and has been open about how being outed by the press deeply impacted her mental health.Yasmin says Caroline – who was the first trans women to model for Playboy in the early 1990s – inspired her ‘to be the positive representation that James Bond never had.’‘There are people in the industry that were transphobic, but now they aren’t because of the way things are changing.
Emeli Sandé ‘wasn’t looking for love’ when she met girlfriend Yoana Karemova but feels like the universe ‘brought them together’
she was in love with a woman earlier this year, later sharing that she met pianist Yoana when she was learning about classical music.Shetold that Yoana was ‘the one for life’, and this is the first time she feels ‘truly like myself’.Now, Emelie has divulged more deets about their adorable romance, overjoyed to have found someone who ‘understands’ her.‘It’s so nice to be in love’, she said in a chat with Amel Rachedi while being interviewed for her YouTube channel.‘It’s wicked, it’s so nice to just be in love, it brings out new parts of your personality when you really are seen by somebody and respected by somebody’, she continued, unable to speak highly enough of her other half.‘I think it allows you to push yourself further, you know, it feels like ok, finally there’s somebody in this world that understands me, and we have this amazing soul connection.’The Clown hitmaker went on to share that her relationship with Yoana and starting to live as her true self has ‘changed my life’.She called the process ‘beautiful’ and said her partner ‘inspires me every day’.Continuing to shower Yoana with praise, she added: ‘She’s a really phenomenal musician, she’s just out of this world, so I know I’ll always be learning from her.‘I’ll always have that inspiration, and also her dedication to music is just incredible, so you know I think that’s something we understand with one another, that we’re both so devoted to music.’On how they came to get together, the Read All About It songstress said she was just ‘out and about’ and not really on the hunt for anything serious, but ‘there she came’ and it feels like ‘the universe brought us together’.‘I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of our days.’ Man Utd board split after Erik ten
Towie’s Demi Sims shares ‘pros and cons’ of being a bisexual woman in the spotlight
Reality star Demi Sims has reflected on coming out as bisexual as a teenager and the responsibility she feels as an LGBTQ+ woman with a large platform.The Towie star, 25, has been a staple on British reality TV for years, along with her sisters Frankie and Chloe Sims.Having had several high-profile same-sex relationships, including with Love Island icon Megan Barton-Hanson, Demi’s sexuality has been firmly in the spotlight.And despite having been ‘super super nervous’ when she initially came out at 19, Demi is now proud to provide visibility for other LGBTQ+ young people – particularly those who might not be ready to come out just yet.Speaking to, Demi explained that she’s gained ‘a lot of fans through my sexuality and being on TV… who like to watch and obviously look up to me.’Appearing on the likes of Celebs Go Dating early in her TV career was ‘massive’ because she was ‘dating girls on that show’ and it helped her garner fans who were themselves in the LGBTQ+ community.But being looked up to in this way has, Demi admits, its ‘pros and cons.’‘When I’m in a relationship and I’m posting about it, there are a lot of fans who like to see it, a lot of people like to follow your relationship,’ she said.‘People who are maybe still in the closet, they like to see how you’re acting… they sort of look up to you like “one day that’s gonna be [me]”.’Demi insisted that she’s ‘definitely happy to have my relationship in the spotlight for those people who are in the closet, who hope one day they’ll have enough confidence, like I do, just to walk around freely with my girlfriend.’But she admitted: ‘Obviously it has its cons. ‘When you break up your fans feel like it’s their breakup.
Gentleman Jack joins the long list of queer TV shows that deserved better
Gentleman Jack will not be renewed for a third series – and it feels like a kick in the stomach, to say the least.Starring Suranne Jones as the formidable Anne Lister and Sophie Rundle as her wife Ann Walker, Gentleman Jack was unlike any other queer representation we’ve seen on screen, telling the story of the ‘first modern lesbian’ and her courage to live as herself in a society that demonised just that.In a statement, the US broadcaster said: ‘When we began this journey more than five years ago, we knew the series’ creator Sally Wainwright had a uniquely compelling vision, and it’s been tremendously gratifying to see how Anne Lister’s journey has resonated with viewers.’They added that they are ‘incredibly grateful’ to the cast and crew for ‘bringing Anne and Ann’s story to life’, although it begs the question, if this story was so valued by the production team, why does it seem to have been thrown into the trash as though it meant nothing?Audiences could’ve gained so much from further seasons of Gentleman Jack, which makes its cancellation all the more painful because this isn’t a fictional story – it’s the lives of two very real people. Further episodes would offer more insight into the reality of living as a lesbian in the 1800s and continue to remind LGBTQ+ people today that queer has always been here.Fans are outraged and heartbroken following the news and rightly so, because a film or a TV show isn’t just a film or a TV show for many LGBTQ+ people – it’s their life.
Heartstopper announces casting call for exciting new role for season 2 – with LGBTQ+ actors encouraged to apply
and you’re an aspiring actor, then this might be the calling you’ve been waiting for.The coming-of-age Netflix drama has achieved roaring success with its first season, so much so that it’s been renewed for two more instalments – with filming set to start later this year.Starring Kit Connor as Nick Nelson and Joe Locke as Charlie Spring, Heartstopper follows the rugby lad and his form buddy as they fall in love and embark on a secret relationship – forced to keep it on the down-low since Nick hasn’t yet come out.It’s an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, but the show – based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman – has acquired millions of fans across the globe.As production for season 2 fast approaches, casting directors have announced that they’re looking for someone to play an exciting new role.The casting call, which was posted on social media, shared that the crew are looking for a plus-size actor of British South Asian heritage who identifies as female or non-binary.And weâre off! Season 2 Casting!!! ð³ï¸ââ§ï¸ð³ï¸âðð³ï¸ââ§ï¸ð³ï¸âðð³ï¸ââ§ï¸ð³ï¸âðð³ï¸ââ§ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸âð½Please RT yaâll ð#HeartstopperNetflix @AliceOseman @Heartstopper_TV @see_saw_films will be playing the role of Sahar Zahid, a character from the comics whom diehard fans were hoping would make an appearance in the next series.Sahar is 16-years-of age and in year 11 at Higgs school for girls, which is also attended by Elle Argent, played by Yasmin Finney.The teen is described as ‘no nonsense, independent, and a little cynical at times.’Casting directors clarified that Sahar is the only role they will be casting through open auditions, stating that any hopefuls must be available from autumn 2022, suggesting filming
Mae Martin’s thoughtful response to Bette Midler’s ‘transphobic’ tweet is compulsory reading
Bette Midler’s controversial comments many have deemed ‘transphobic’.Hocus Pocus actress Midler, 76, had come under fire for wading into a debate about the word ‘women’, after tweeting: ‘WOMEN OF THE WORLD! We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name!’She went on: ‘They don’t call us “women” anymore; they call us “birthing people” or “menstruators”, and even “people with vaginas”! Don’t let them erase you! Every human on earth owes you!’After intense backlash to her comments, which came amid Macy Gray’s controversial appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Midler today clarified her tweet and insisted there was no intention of anything exclusionary or transphobic in what she said.Fans responded to suggest her phrasing could be seen to be transphobic, while Martin chimed in to share meaningful insight into the conversation.Feel Good star Martin, 35, who identifies as trans/non-binary, said they had been receiving messages about Midler’s tweet and wanted to share some thoughts ‘in case this is useful to you if you have people in your own life – older feminist icons even – who are perplexed and threatened by inclusive language’.They wrote in a lengthy statement: ‘These figure heads, like Bette Midler, fought hard for women’s rights and they’re upset when, in the context of reproductive rights, they read phrases like “people with uteruses”. They feel reduced and negated and confused.‘I would say to them: Nobody is negating the fact that people assigned female at birth have a unique struggle against an oppressive patriarchy.
Twitter accused of allowing Elliot Page’s deadname to trend despite policy against hateful conduct
Jordan Peterson had his Twitter account suspended for tweeting that Elliot ‘had his breasts removed by a criminal physician.’On June 28, the controversial author, clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto was booted off the site after also deadnaming the star, writing the tweet on the same day that actor’s hit Netflix show Umbrella Academy released its third season.The psychologist’s post was in response to an article posted to Twitter by the New York Post in which Elliot, who has starred in some huge projects throughout the course of his career, including Juno and Inception, said he is proud to introduce a trans character to the hit show.But whilst Peterson has lost his Twitter access and has been condemned by many for his comments about the 25-year-old, he refused to delete the tweet.Declan Donnelly 'beyond devastated' following death of brother Father Dermott aged 55Gabriel Jesus scores after 85 seconds with two goals on his Arsenal debutShark measuring '12ft' long spotted just off UK coastHe told National Post that he ‘penned an irritated tweet in response to one of the latest happenings on the increasingly heated culture war front.But, Elliot is continuing with his life and enjoying plenty of affirming victories, for the first time since transitioning, and fans were thrilled for him.Twitter has been contacted for comment.Got a story?If you’ve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the entertainment team by emailing us, calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.
Macy Gray’s ‘insensitive and transphobic’ comments condemned by LGBT+ friendly festival a month after performance
Macy Gray’s ‘insensitive and transphobic’ comments’, saying the event ‘will always stand with our trans family’.On Monday evening, Gray appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored, where she made highly contentious remarks about transgender women.The I Try singer faced backlash after saying: ‘I will say this and everyone’s gonna hate me but as a woman, just because you go change your [body] parts, doesn’t make you a woman, sorry’ – while also receiving support from JK Rowling.Having performed at Mighty Hoopla in June this year, the festival has released a statement condemning her remarks and expressing support for the trans community.‘We are extremely disappointed by the comments made by Macy Gray on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored TalkTV,’ the statement read.‘As an artist at our 2022 event, we would like to make it clear that we do not agree with the insensitive and transphobic statement she made.To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 videoMighty Hoopla emphasised that ‘trans people and their bodies are not up for debate, and cis TV personalities and the channels that hire them need to stop discussing them on air’.The message concluded with the emphatic statement: ‘Mighty Hoopla will always stand with our trans family.’One person responded to Mighty Hoopla’s statement with a couple of clapping emojis and a row of trans pride flags, while another commented: ‘Extremely disappointed, as a Macy fan, to hear these comments.’ her appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Gray was told by the host that she may be deemed transphobic for her remarks.‘But it’s the truth,’ the musician responded.
Soho absolutely buzzing with Pride well into the early hours
London’s Soho was well and truly filled with people celebrating the 50th anniversary of Pride last night, as it returned to the capital for the first time in two years.The West End neighbourhood, an epicentre for the LGBTQ+ community, was decorated with an abundance of rainbow flags lighting up the streets with colour.Iconic venues in the area hosted their own after-parties while many revellers gathered in the streets to mingle.Couples shared kisses, friends drank and danced, and the police officers were seen smiling amid the fun, despite being banned from joining the parade.Earlier in the day, over a million people paraded through the capital to mark the big Pride milestone.The celebration, which had been halted due to the Covid pandemic, returned to the capital for what organisers called the ‘biggest and most inclusive event in history’.Crowds had been led by the Gay Liberation Front whose activists took part in the original 1972 parade, where 2,000 marched in protest of police treatment towards the LGBTQ+ community.This year saw some 600 groups and organisations join the parade from Hyde Park Corner to Whitehall.In Trafalgar Square, famous faces such as Dame Kelly Holmes and Peter Schofield – both of whom have come out in recent years – addressed the crowds, while an array of artists performed.Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at more stories like this, check our news page.
‘Happy Pride!’: Adele drapes herself in rainbow flag for emotional performance at BST Hyde Park gig hours after London parade
Adele made sure to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pride in style, as she draped herself in a rainbow flag for her second epic performance at BST Hyde Park.The singer shared her love for the LGBT community during the spectacular gig, donning the Progress Pride Flag as she belted out her song When We Were Young.Adele, 34, could also be seen waving the flag, with plenty of supporters in the crowd waving their rainbow flags right back at her, just hours after London’s Pride Parade.She told the audience: ‘Happy Pride. I wore my hair out today to try and be a bit draggy.’The star has long been a supporter of the LGBT community, previously performing for free at Pride in 2011, and describing the community as her ‘soulmates’ during an emotional speech following the shooting in Pulse nightclub, Florida, in 2016.Of course, she also got ordained to marry her close friend Alan Carr to his husband Paul Drayton in 2018.Happy Pride from @Adele ð³ï¸âð lit up London’s Hyde Park on Friday and Saturday with her epic performances, which were her first headline gigs in the UK since 2017.It was a glorious homecoming for the singer, who released her album 30 earlier this year.Stars including Tom Cruise, Ant and Dec, and James Corden were out in force to support the star, but she likely only had eyes for one person in the crowd – her nine-year-old son Angelo, who was also there supporting her.