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Psychotic school board official has homophobic meltdown while resisting arrest and OMG you guys

Rochelle Kelley is a member of the Weare School Board in New Hampshire who doesn’t think students should be required to wear masks in the classroom, COVID-19 death rates are being exaggerated, and police officers are, in her words, “f*ggots.”A video of the 33-year-old mom spewing homophobic vitriol at an officer who was arresting her during a traffic stop last month has just surfaced on Twitter.“Let go of me, you piece of sh*t!” she can be heard screaming at the top of her lungs. “F*ck you, you f*ggot!”Then she tells him to “eat sh*t, you c*ck-sucking d*ck” before threatening to “sue the sh*t out of you!”Weare school board member Rochelle Kelley is unhappy after being cited for a motor vehicle inspection violation.

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